Friday, March 14, 2008

What Ben Franklin

. . .may have looked like, nude and from behind; such is the price of my return to daily drawings.

Just had coffee with Warren Hedges down at the Beanery. Always inspiring to talk to the Ashland Elk of the Year. One of our main characters in The Happiness Hole is loosely based on him. Real Warren has a network-like brain able to take difficult ideas, distill them and make them comprehensible to the layman. Our fake Warren is a Warren gone off the deep end, driven mad by:
1) The cruel stupidity of the world.
2) A sense of the interconnection of all knowledge now made disturbingly literal by the invention of a quantum super computer.
3) A painful love affair with a dakini destined for bigger things.

Real-life Warren knows how to swim and tread water, so the deep end doesn't bother him.

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