Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Frag It

Okay, my last post was so lame, I went ahead and ordered the damn Cintiq. It'll be here in a week or two, so I'll let "you" know how it goes. I don't have my drawings on this computer, so, uh. . . here's a picture of the studio I built this summer with help from the genius of Scott "8 Bit Ghost" Raedeke and Nick "24 Bit Color Depth Plus 8 Bit Alpha Channel" Oredson. I still haven't finished the interior, because I have a job and a family, etc. etc, but this picture makes me laugh. Lots of funny compositional angles along with that splendid dog and birds' nest. Kinda like a Breugel landscape.

1 comment:

Lea of the Woodlands said...

dang M's, that thing is totally bangn'! My dreams of grandeur have just been grandeur-erd!