Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's Been A Bit

Mainly because I feel like I'm talking too much in real life. I just want to hear myself shut up once in a while, so, there's been less on the online front. On the up side. There's a new Arms and Ether coming at you. Herodotus is back! And he's drunk and passed out in a pastoral meadow, so. . . grab the rush!!!!!! Lots of pointless swearing in this one, so make sure and bring the kids!

On an off-topic note, I saw one of those goofy sexual innuendo bumper stickers ("Thespians Do It On The Stage!") in the Blockbuster parking lot and thought there needs to be a sexual non-innuendo option like, "Amateur Pornographers Shoot Video Of Themselves Having Sex And Post The Footage On The Internet!"

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