Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spicy Nodes

SpicyNodes is an interesting new piece o' web software I came upon while trying to figure out why the hell we have Daylight Saving Time (turns out there isn't a clear-cut, solid justification). I'm just seeing what it looks like embedded in the blog and seeing if I might be able to use it for class.

UPDATE. As per the comments, the nodes are a bit annoying embedded as they're too small and cramped in the layout. Also the nodes sound takes over all other sounds which I'm not too big on. The above image jumps to the online version.


Ben said...

According to Wikipedia and other things I've read, the original idea was to save money when electric lights were the main guzzlers of power.
The spicy Nodes is neat, but: Slow to load, and the actual text fields are really small. Not so good for actual information, but great for the usual web sized blurbs.

Miles Inada said...

Yes--good point on the slow load and size issue for the blogue--this is a chilly bit of daylight saving too.