Saturday, January 24, 2009

Extreme Makeover

Why would a fighting man go from forged iron to leather armor? Does the increased flexibility and freedom of manoeuvre outweigh the corresponding loss of "AC?" Nah, it just looks better graphically. Here's the easily enraged Pikelhaube (from an upcoming Arms and Ether strip) modeling both armor types. The red-brown has much stronger color contrast and visual "pop," so cut a wide swath when you see him coming.


Andrew said...

As fr as visual 'pop' goes, maybe you ought to let him upgrade his loincloth, too.

Ben said...

-He needs all the flexibility he can get with that, ahem, figure.
-It's brown, therefore it actually adds visual 'poop.'

Jennifer Harlow said...

Pikelhaube is a trend-setter for both battlefield and fashion runway alike.

The characters in Arms and Ether all sound very fashion savvy----togas to ruffled collars, and now leather! So as a certain pop-icon might say, "That's hot."