Monday, January 19, 2009


A brief post in honor of the long-lost snow that has been so blow-torched from our lands this weekend. Farewell. Return with your ghosts, your stars and your bearded pumpkins. . . I love you. . .

And thanks for any and all Arms and Ether comments. I'm still collecting them, so keep 'em coming. As they come in, I add them to the Feedbag post. One comment I had in conversation was "don't you want to find a way to tie all this stuff (blog, strip, etc) together?" A good question. The answer is yes, but feels complicated--I'm hoping for an organic evolution in that direction. But what comes from mere hope? More later, obviously.

Time to pass out. Fighting off a lil' sinus infection and the 9-year-olds, pizza and ice cream cake have taken their toll. Tomorrow is Sam's actual 9th birthday (groovy) and L'inauguration. Let's get it on.

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Anonymous said...

Tie them all together? My vote's for keeping them in productive tension. Stretch for flexibility.