Sunday, January 4, 2009

Softe Launche

Okay, I'm going to soft launch Arms and Ether tonight. Winter break is at an end, and I'll be danged it if I won't have one entire 4-panel comic up online to show for it. I'll make another post ce soir when the first strip is live. I'm thinking when I have 5- 10 strips up, I'll go for a harder launch. Making a bunch of noise about having one strip up is like having a big concert where your band plays one song.

I just got done ordering business cards from That's the business card image above. I don't know if vistaprint is any good or not--if they're great or horrible, I'll let the interwebs know. Now that I look at the card design, it'll probably be a disaster--type too small, etc. Sigh.

Also teaching begins tomorrow. Hooray for winter quarter, right?

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