Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Been a bit

And a good summer. Building a shack in the back yard, riding bikes with Sam, all-night Battlestar Galactica and Spore jags, working on an animation with Casey and Jennifer, on-going mid-life crisis--sorting through death and personal-cultural responses to it. Good times. School looms, but bring it on. Also, I haven't checked blog or email for about a month. My apologies. This is a background in progress from the in-progress animation. Silky. Me want draw more landscape outside, but me too afraid to tremblingly confront me inadequacy before pulsating expansive nature.

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Ben said...

"Write a million words. Then burn them. Now you are ready to write a novel." This is what David Eddings tells his audience in an aside describing how to write a novel, in "the Rivan Codex." I find it comforting in a "this doesn't really matter and at least will make a nice fire" kind of way. So keep at it, you got a few more drawings to do until they have to be good!