Monday, November 30, 2009

Arms and Ether - Herodotus Toy now available for download!

Uh oh, there's a wordless panel in this week's Arms and Ether. As we well know from years consuming "the funnies," a wordless panel is often the set up for a joke of some sort in the very next panel!!!! Imagine the potential hilarity. The mirth. No, don't tax yourself with that kind of trivia, just head over to and see the strip in all of its fullness. Also, make sure to download the eagerly anticipated 3D Herodotus Toy by clicking on the strip's 4th panel. Print and cut it out. Stick it on your Christmas tree. Stuff one in a stocking. Stick or stuff one up your @#$%^&. We live in a free world. It's okay to do that kind of thing now. You won't (or at least shouldn't be) judged.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Arms and Ether - Nu 2 U

Hateball emerges from his basement staycation and back into the dark moldy dankness of everyday life--and dang-nabbit, he's got bills to pay! Find out what he has to say about it all in this week's magical Arms n' Ether.

Is "I Gotta Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas a song full of almost unbearable cosmic sorrow? The melancholy seems damn heavy in that sucker.

In other news, I really really miss my dog.

And finally, Montaigne probably had the right idea: sit around in a castle in pantaloons and just go off about stuff all the time. And get a stache. When my son Sam saw me with it as I picked him up from school, he burst into a big smile, started laughing and exclaimed, "Awesome!" Julie was less impressed. I think it was too much too soon in our relationship.

"But it's Movember!" said Scott before Christy handed him the razor and pointed him to the bathroom.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Legends From Camp - online, but not on-time

Way back in the good old days of 2004, I partnered with Sherrif Evan Carroll (Seth Bullard) to set some of father-figure Lawson Inada's (Al Swearengen's) poetry to animation. Todd Barton (Cy Tolliver) did the score. Anyhow, it's now available in the modern fashion, that is to say, "online" and in the "high definition" format that I keep hearing so much about.

Other quick thoughts.
1. Arms and Ether should be up later today.
2. At the very beginning stages of looking into Word Press and developing a more comprehensive approach to this blog thing.
3. I already need more coffee.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Forty Three

1. Lordy, here it is. I'm 43. It's not an age you really think about much, so I guess I won't.

2. Since I'm doing a lot of online demo videos this quarter, I feel like Bob Ross.

3. I spent a lot of yesterday with my pal, Warren Hedges, whose birthday is also November 9. We are team-teaching a class, had lunch, and then he came and gave a talk to my comic book/picture book class. We said that it's our birthday tradition to celebrate by going around together and lecturing to people.

4. Should have an Arms and Ether up by Friday. Looks like the Herodotus toy will be coming at you live.

5. Yeah, numbered lists. Quality meats. I'll try catching up with everything today. AND I MEAN EVERYTHING. As it turns out, there's a whole lot of rhythm going 'round. There will be links. There will be a spiritual and artistic awakenings. There will be naps too. And tasty snacks.

Friday, November 6, 2009

New Arms and Ether with Download-able 3D Molo Toy

Uh oh. Molo's up late, eating Cheetos, and turning to . . . the internet. It doesn't work out for him, but maybe it will work out for you! This week's strip features a download-able 3D paper toy, perfect for cutting out 'round the fire. . . Whatever. Anyhow, read it, click it, and weep in this week's Arms and Ether. And damnit, can't we be Germanic and make "downloadable" an official word? The hyphen thing is really pretty weak.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Arms and Ether is a bit late, but

. . . in the meantime, celebrate the free lovin' with an image from a Digital Media Foundations demo I did today! A new Arms and Ether should be up tomorrow, so plan your day accordingly.