Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Forty Three

1. Lordy, here it is. I'm 43. It's not an age you really think about much, so I guess I won't.

2. Since I'm doing a lot of online demo videos this quarter, I feel like Bob Ross.

3. I spent a lot of yesterday with my pal, Warren Hedges, whose birthday is also November 9. We are team-teaching a class, had lunch, and then he came and gave a talk to my comic book/picture book class. We said that it's our birthday tradition to celebrate by going around together and lecturing to people.

4. Should have an Arms and Ether up by Friday. Looks like the Herodotus toy will be coming at you live.

5. Yeah, numbered lists. Quality meats. I'll try catching up with everything today. AND I MEAN EVERYTHING. As it turns out, there's a whole lot of rhythm going 'round. There will be links. There will be a spiritual and artistic awakenings. There will be naps too. And tasty snacks.

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Audrey Sayle said...

that picture is pretty much too awesome for me to handle