Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lay it down, Professor

If I were a football manager, I'd like to be able to say this kind of thing:

The sums can appear shocking, but they are the result of a calculation carried out by the investor. It is necessary to disregard moral judgment and to question the profitability of the operation.

This was Wenger's take on the recent spate of Real Madrid signings. Hell yeah.

Okay. I'll start putting up some actual stuff instead of more Arsene Wenger pictures. He just fits a certain angle of my Super Ego so well. That could be a key to watching sports, actually. It's a chance for that judgmental, Nobodaddy in your head to run wild. "That was a horrible play." "How did you let that guy get past you?" etc. etc. And managers are fantastic manifestations of people you try to impress in your mind. Jose Mourinho showed up in my brother's dreams. I imagine Sir Alex, Tom Landry, and Joe Torre are out maurading the dreamscape as well.

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Anonymous said...

Gee, and all I dreamt about was clutching tufts of grass in a tornado (woke up with the sheets bunched in my hands).

Speaking o Nobodaddy, we watched "Dead Man" for the first time in several years when Josh & Rachel visited. We should get together soon and talk some Blake, or Heidegger, or maybe just Space Ghost (it is, after all, summer.)