Thursday, January 21, 2010

Emptiness In Inadaville

Cripes. I want to get primitive. Tired of being so self-conscious, so screw it. Back to basics. "Lower your standards," said William Stafford. Raise the Titanic said some 70's fucker. Back to the clunky awkward thrills of drawing.

Standards dropped to a laundry list.  Who makes lists for laundry? Laundry, as we know well, leads to Landry. I've a Tom Landry hat, now that I'm over 40. I do. Shall I now espouse a Texas-based Christianity? Perhaps one day, it will come to that. But what about now? What about now? A new site built up to withstand the rigors and demands of 2010? All sites in one? An inn'er net rapture? Certainly. It's for certain, as I phase out the phrase, "blog" and replace it with the older, but more incisive, "site."

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