Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Folk Daily

I did some little figure sketches whilst coffee and baglin' at Key of C the other day. I did the top drawing in 40-shoppe by working from the pencil thumbnail below. I don't know if Robert Conrad ever drew, but if he did, I like to think these are the drawings he would make. That guy carrying the flag just might be me. But is he surrendering. . . or leadin' the charge???? You can click 'pon the damn things to make them bigger. Computers is like that.
Le Thumbnail

Le Robert Conrad


Audrey Sayle said...

wow! nice work monsieur M's! I'm very impressed!

Lilly said...

i guess the bagels at the key of c can't be beat (or so I've heard) but why not coffee at noble? Also, I like these very much