Sunday, November 15, 2015

A dull fellow

So, I'm working through some unimaginative-ness... Sue me. What's more cliche than modeling a 3D dumpster? Maybe modeling a 3D wooden pallet?? I'm just trying to work through the model/texture process in a "faster" manner. I still feel desperately out of shape... Not sure where this is going, really... Could be the basis for the city scene in an animation I've been working on this summer... or a bigger enviro-collage thing (more likely)... based on tragedy of post-apocalyptic world emerging at every turn. Been to Springfield, OR lately?

 Whoops... kinda interesting accident...
Okay, it seems pretty clear I'm scared unto death of re-connecting with some kind of actual "feeling" in my work... Do I dare to eat a peach/peach-pecan muffin/chocolate croissant?

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