Monday, February 15, 2016

Isometric, initially

We'll see if this goes anywhere; here's a first stab at an isometric view of a concept that began with my Springfield photos. I did some initial modeling based on a quick down and dirty approach centered around my source photos. When I looked at the initial results and compared them to finished work by other artists, I felt I was missing a depth/juiciness - the sense of place was tepid... It all needed exaggerating. 

It's still as challenging as ever to try new approaches - I'm always fighting off my disappointment that I'm not staring at an amazing finished drawing when I'm two minutes into the process... 

So maybe impulse/inspiration is the youthful, wildness, and process is the grownup reality concession - gots to somehow keep them both alive and well... It's living with paradox, I suppose - Keeping the easy answers at bay, all while living in the arid horror of global mecha-capitalism... Chortle.

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