Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kappa, Ed Emberley, Abu Ghraib, Jill Bruhn

Well, needed to get something up here. School's been keeping me busy. I'm writing a short essay on a show likely to cause a bit of controversy at good old SOU--it features the work of Clinton Fein who recreated some of the Abu Ghraib images in 4' x 6' photos-- actually pretty interesting. I'll post it here when I'm done.

Since I don't have my Wacom tablet at home, I did a 2 minute Kappa in flash using the draw tools. This reminds me a bit of an illustrator I really dig--Ed Emberley. I was obsessed with his Yankee Doodle book as a kid. (And Richard Schackburg/Shuckburgh, you kick ass as well. Props to you Doctor. Propers. Much Love.) I checked out the same copy from the SOU library for my son that my dad checked out for me. Wild. Anyhow, Emberley's drawing books for kids are really nifty. Heck, they're excellent for adults, too. He's featured in this much more useful blog by Maura Cluthe. If you don't think you're any good at drawing, Emberley's books will get you past that quickly. If you do think you're good at drawing, then you'll get a good lesson in how not to be an idiot by letting your good drawing skills get in the way of making something cool. Brutha just knows how to bring it.

Finally, check out SOU alum Jill Bruhn's stuff. She's a nifty animator, master of Wacom Flash drawing, and all around brainiac. Plus she's obsessed with hockey. What else can you ask of a person?

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