Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Timekeeper Returns

I've been sucked into a vortex of something. Lots of school stuff going on. Blah. Put together a wordy Maya animation walk-through for the Miles' Maya class site. Goody. Highlight of the day was driving my pal Dr. Galen's serial-killer van back to his house in Klamath Falls. The route took me over the glorious (and disturbingly named) Dead Indian Memorial Road. I'm thinking of buying the nearby storage unit complex and changing its name to "Dead Nigger Storage--just off of Dead Indian Road!" Props to classmate Phil LaMar who was the "Dead Nigger" that prompted Quentin Tarantino's "Dead Nigger Storage" screed in Pulp Fiction. Me, I just live on Comatose White Guy Ave. a block up from Korean Woman With Severe Burns St.

So, I've been crotchety and tired but all in all things feel pretty good. More creative stuff to come, I believe.


G.Ross said...

Hey Miles, this is Garrett from dat SOU, you know. Just giving you a heads up that I finally decided to hook it up with this whole blog concept.

Postscript: Holy crap, are you telling me you took classes with Phil Lamarr? Dude is like my idol, has done voice acting for basically every black cartoon character in the past 2 decades it seems.

Anonymous said...

So I'm sitting here Photoshopping the living heck out of the photos I took of Captain Jack's stronghold, and for kicks decide on a pit stop in Inadaville. There I find a report of you on the highway to the same freaking area. Let me know if you're headed up again, cause I'm wanted to make more trips to the Stronghold.

Someone, somewhere told me the name Dead Indian highway was part of a misguided effort to memorialize Capt. Jack and other Modocs who were hung in Klamath Falls after the conflict. If so, nice job, my relentlessly self-congratulatory Ashland peers. You've managed, yet again, to make me one embarrassed white man.