Thursday, March 5, 2009

2 Smart-Ass Art Projects I'll never do plus some other misc junk

Loducavision by Miles Inada

1. A series of oil paintings based on screen shots taken from mundane computer moments such as the Internet Explorer loading screen.

2. Walk through campus and inquire what each person is listening to on her mp3 player. Download all of the songs. Play them simultaneously. Title the composition based on the day and location.

Nice article in the New Yorker about Donald Barthelme (who I haven't read)--"Had I decided to go into the conceptual-art business, I could turn out railroad cars full of that stuff every day."

I went on a 24-hour Dexter binge. A good show.


Jennifer Harlow said...

Project number 2 would be an interesting idea. Another one could focus on car radios--always entertaining to see someone rockin' out at a stoplight---gotta wonder what they're listening to.

On an unrelated note: You've probably seen this video by now---it has spread like wildfire around the vast Internets:

Andrew Farris said...

I like idea number two. Very Cagey, in both the cunning and composery senses.