Wednesday, March 18, 2009

FYI--From the Desk of Thomas Hobbes

"So when a man compoundeth the image of his own person with the image of the actions of another man, as when a man imagines himself a Hercules or an Alexander (which happeneth often to them that are much taken with reading of romances), it is a compound imagination, and properly but a fiction of the mind. There be also other imaginations that rise in men, though waking, from the great impression made in sense: as from gazing upon the sun, the impression leaves an image of the sun before our eyes a long time after; and from being long and vehemently attent upon geometrical figures, a man shall in the dark, though awake, have the images of lines and angles before his eyes; which kind of fancy hath no particular name, as being a thing that doth not commonly fall into men's discourse."

Thomas Hobbes, I thanketh ye for providing this apt physik of the motions of the mind of man at rest or at work for as we may find ourselves in practice of diverse actions both as individual agents as set in motion by the Artificer or as members of a great COMMONWEALTH or STATE, we have need of understanding the nature and cause of our imaginings and the general use of speech to transfer our mental discourse into verbal, and the train of our thoughts into a train of words as may be found in the DICTIONARY OF MAN.

The engraved figure of Mr. Hobbes which you have found begotten on your organs of sense is borrowed liberally from the electronic library of images to be found under the appellation, "Sexy People," whose "webbe site" may be accessed by moving one's electronic designating device to the anomalously coloured text in this sentence and depressing the button of said device by action of the forefinger.

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