Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm stealing imagery

But I feel like this "Rad Dad" when I'm on my game. I'm not on my game, by the way. The picture comes courtesy of ""
Yes, it's rad.
And on a slightly more relevant note, I should be able to make this FRIDAY'S Arms and Ether post date. That is nice.


Andrew Farris said...


I wanted ask you a few things at a drink and draw but I'll do it now instead.

1) When you color das comix, do you use photoshop? Painter? Flash? (God forbid) Quark?

2) RGB or CMYK? I know it's a webcomic, but you're going to print as well... So, what's the scoop?

3) Do you think Scrotum Pole is an offensive name to use for a character? (this is not a serious question)

Let a man-child learn from your wisdom and life-experiences,


Miles Inada said...

Man-child, trust your beard and follow its lead.

Ach, I will answer zese questions in today's post, no?