Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Marks of Weakness, Marks of Woe

I face daily occupational hazards the likes of which the average 21st century lady-boy can scarcely imagine. Just today I accidentally marked my thumb twice while recapping a "big-ass" Sharpie marker. And before you fire off a fusillade of outraged comments and emails, know that the photo above is not retouched.

"God man!" you may say, but know that without risk there is no reward. These ebon devil's marks are the bitter price paid for inscribing my external Q-drive with a clever and fetching Duchamp shout-out. Noblesse oblige.

Why two marks when most of you stay-at-homes can scarcely imagine one? I will tell you, though my explanation beggars credulity. The second mark came when having left the "s" off of "alors," I was forced to uncap, write, and re-cap yet again.

I accomplish in a day what the ordinary person strives to accomplish in a lifetime.

And I will have your respect. Oh yes.


Maurice Burford said...

"I'm gettin' too old for this"
Clint Eastwood, "Space Cowboys"

Jennifer Harlow said...

I had the lesser offspring of the Sharpie family tree--A 08 Micron bleed black ink all over my finger while I was on the "drawing battlefield"--- the Mall Food-court. People just don't tell you things in art class....

Anonymous said...

I'm transfixed; it's like stigmata.