Monday, June 15, 2009

Ye Cats!

Molo reads up on the latest scientific recommendations for personal health and "wellness" in the latest Arms and Ether--"Scientification." Apparently, Molo also has a cat (above). I did not know that until today.

Life is flying out the window it seems. I feel I've aged 50 years in the last 6 months or so. Death and disease are laying waste to those around me and by association my beliefs and assumptions about what's "important". This feels like "experience" in the bad, Blakean sense. (Kids, it turns out that Death, not Sex = loss of innocence, so get with the lovin' and leave-off the dyin') And so, my mid-life crisis moves into the "questioning the mission" phase. Awesome. Just awesome. So not so much drawin/bloggin as of late.

A nice goofy little interview with Roz Chast in the Sunday NY Times. I mention because a) she was an early hero of mine, b) she kind of looks like an older version of Lady Miss Julie who also digs Ms. Chast's stuff, and c) I relate to her description of how she spends her Sundays as described in the article. I'll likely be up till 3 tonight as well, so cheers, Roz.

Anywayz, I first saw Roz Chast's stuff in The National Lampoon when I was in Junior High. One of my favorite 4-panels went something like this:
1. Where's Mister Etch-A-Sketch?
2. He's not here.
3. He's not here either.
4. His family is getting worried.
All of the drawings and characters looked like they were half-heartedly drawn on an etch a sketch. That strip gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Finally, thanks to Lea Of The Woodlands for the link to the very cool when I am king. The strip takes some nice twists and turns visually as it evolves. Dig it.


Audrey Sayle said...

i love the cat in this strip.

glad you liked "when i am king"- I hadnt read it in a few years and sent you the link before i realized how camel x-rated it was. So i was concerned. but now i am happy!

Jennifer Harlow said...

I'm also chiming in on how fantastic that cat design is.

I know school has just ended, but I'm sure you'll still get a good laugh(...or more fitting,cringe?) out of this:

Andrew Farris said...

So, Molo caught a raging case of 'the pants' from those cubist odalisques?

Also, why is he mowing hateball's yard?

Also also, do they share a bucktoothed-cat together? That is so Prop 8.

(I figured you needed a fanboy that busted your balls for changing the function of dilithium crystals or accidentally having Wesley part his hair differently between scenes.)

Also, lastly: This webcomic is the only thing that keeps my hate-filled drawings of Claude Debussy going. Keep it up, Miles. Fucking RAD.

Anonymous said...

Mortality keeps kicking me in the balls after jumping out of the most unexpected places. Not Michael and Farah, but Eartha and Bettie Page. Now Karl Freak'n Madden. Who next, Vigoda?

At least you can do daily checks on his status:

Keep your chin up and your pants off.