Friday, October 2, 2009

Arms & Ether is BACK!

After a 3.5 month hiatus, this week's Arms and Ether features an in-depth consideration of the role of FreeCell in any thinking artist's life. !@#$ it's 2:30. Awesome. @!#$% you, world.

Also, I added one of those url redirect pages to the old jeffnet url. I'm so proud of myself. (not really--that's the sarcasm) But if you ever need to do a redirect page, here's some code that seems to work okay.


Jennifer Harlow said...

Hurrah! Welcome back Arms and Ether!

Charging right on in with desks and computers in perspective! Very cool.

Audrey Sayle said...

magus tales also died over the summer. perhaps I too shall have the strength to move on??