Monday, October 12, 2009


Things have been busy on the school front, so the Comics & Animation Blog I keep for my classes has been a bustlin' -- so has the Digital Media Foundations Wiki I work on with Dennis & Warren. Clap clap. So to show I haven't been a complete failure in doing some of my own work, here are some sketchbook scans from last Thursday's Drink n' Draw. Yay. Then to bed with me. Right. Sure.

UPDATE: Actually, it's 3:30 now, but I just finished the Hateball toy. I'm going to have the first three toys to download over at Arms and Ether by the end of the week.


Andrew Farris said...

Good stuff, as always. I've been SUPER-BUSY last few weeks, got a job that required I teach myself flash...

But, I found this and thought of you.

Miles Inada said...

that looks great. tricycle nudity. i'm there.