Monday, February 18, 2008

What is The Happiness Hole?

If you're me, Joe, Evan, or Ty, it's a collaborative project we've been at since 2005. If you're anyone else, here's a late night stab at describing The Happiness Hole. It's rough, but that's the point of this @#$%ing blog, remember?

"Materialism. Pornography. War. Failure." In the near-future, a brilliant but troubled entrepreneurial team of scientists, artists and viral marketers harness quantum physics to create a supremely powerful “Quantum Computer” capable of collecting and processing infinite amounts of minutely detailed information about the whole of humanity. Shortly after boot-up, the “Q-Comp” quantifies the existence of a collective “happiness hole” so vast it portends the collapse of civilization and the inversion of a goodly chunk of time and space. Hilarity and tragedy ensue.

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