Monday, May 5, 2008

Quiet. Obstinance.

Solitude disappears slowly and steadily. Civilized life takes a constant toll. Forsake the stupid. Look for the good, the meaningful. . .uh, like in this drawing. . . Oh, and I did miss a day (Sunday) of drawing. So if I tell you I draw EVERY day. I'm a %$%#ing liar.
Also, don't misspell obstinance as "obstinence." Very poor form.

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Jill said...

I checked off "Draw Every Day" on my 43 Things list of goals, but I don't actually draw every day. I think it's more of an attitude than an actual doing of things. Like, in theory I "draw every day", as a way of life or a philosophy. Instead of "I'm a practicing Christian but I don't go to church every week", it's "I draw every day, but I don't draw EVERY day". It makes sense to ME.