Monday, May 12, 2008

Two on Monday

Didn't write no blog this weekend. But did keep up the daily drawing regimen continuing the alien concept. Applause. The lighter one is actually a later version. As I post these images, I realize they look almost exactly the same. I've failed to follow the cardinal rule of working general to the specific. I've just been tickling this thing. Duh. It drives me crazy when my students do that. It's so much easier to tell people to do stuff than to do it myself. Speaking of which, time to go teach. @#$%, I need to get some work done.

80's music on in the Beanery. Some of it good. Much of it bad. I still hate Duran Duran as much as I did as a teenager.

1 comment:

Matthew said...

Peruvian skull with cranial binding and trephination. Quite alien to think that was done and found to be an aesthetic improvement or whatever it was meant for.

Always interesting to see what you come up with.