Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dig Some Derf

Just finished Derf's Punk Rock and Trailer Parks which I thoroughly enjoyed. Here's Derf's website: (Hey, kinda like Inadaville!). Thoroughly dig his Don Martin-inspired visual style. The writing is also top notch as is his musical taste. And finally. . . OHIO. Check out his weekly strip, The City.

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Goreface said...

Hey Miles,

Figured you checked this blog most often so I thought I'd throw you a link;

For 150$ you get 13 months of Maya/Max/Softimage/Mudbox/MotionBuilder (or 350$ for an unlimited license) all in one package. Pretty great considering I paid 200$ for the same package, but withOUT Max thrown in. It's all new shiz, just came out in August.