Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Punk-assed Perspective Procrastination

Miles Inada, Portrait d'un Punkass de Perspective, c 1763
Because I'm not Piranesi or Jack Kirby, perspective can get me down--especially when I'm not in proper fighting trim. It's called being a perspective punk-ass. So, I'm still not done with the latest Arms and Ether. I have to draw a. . . table. . . and . . . a computer. . . impossible! Weak. Fail. Etc.
Oh, and I also don't want to pay the @#$%ing bills which I've been putting off. !@#$%

Saw Derf on a documentary about Jeffery Dahmer with whom Derf went to Jr. High and High School. Crazy. I'm going to check out the comic he did on his experience with Dahmer, My Friend Dahmer. You should probably check it out too.


Maurice Burford said...

Everything is hard for me to draw at this point. I find the hardest things to draw are the most banal: doors, appliances, public buildings, chairs. I'm real good at faces though. Perspective doesn't really work for me either or shading. Shit. I can't draw.

Miles Inada said...

Har har -- right there with you