Thursday, February 4, 2010

First Arms and Ether of the February Blitz is Up

Okay, one down and 24 to go. Arms and Ether Feb 02, 2010 is up and at 'em. The color is lame. I think I might be dropping color this month.
Yes. Back to the austere no-nonsense approach of line. Har har. Today's has color, however, and it's ugly without being ugly enough. Cherish is the word I use to describe. . .

Oh, and because I recommend my students do this all the time--here's a work log for this strip.
The idea had already been sketched out in my sketch book. Appropriate.

9:45 open up the template and start drawing (and adjusting the template).
10:09 Line in Flash is done. Exported to png and opened in Forty-Shoppe. (ooh, new approach.)
10:57 Exporting final web file from PS. Oops correction needed.
11:03 Corrected.
11:18 Uploaded to site and blog post done.
11:21 Work log added to blog. Oh, it's now 11:22.

So. . .
25 minutes for line work
54 minutes for color and clean up
15 minutes for upload and blogue


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