Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Screw It

Time to instigate a new low. One Arms and Ether per day for the remainder of February. But with 0 percent artistic aspiration, 0 percent quality, 0 percent human insight. Lots of complaining, pointless vulgarity, and overall shoddiness. This is going to fail miserably.

In other insights.

1. Time to update/rethink this whole web thing. I'd like to integrate all of my class websites with this site andArms and Ether. Will also include online work and animation. It'll probably look like a scummy "e-zine" or something. It'll be pedestrian and un-revolutionary. Too bad. Love and adulation will not follow from it, nor will self-respect and joy. It won't be a "blog, " but rather a "thing available to the good people of this world through the mighty, yet little understood power of electricity."

2. Samuel Palmer? Samuel Palmer. Props to Linus Meldrum for pointing him out to me as a young man. Crap, I've probably squandered what should have been my Shoreham period. Oops. Fucked that up good and proper, but at least I know how to do roll-over buttons in Flash instead.
Samuel Palmer, Cornfield by Moonlight, c1830

So, look for the first "low quality" daily Arms and Ether beginning tomorrow. My rule will be to post whatever I have 'fore sundown. No late night vision quests for me. Just uptight horror in the full light of day.

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Audrey Sayle said...

im excited for this reign of spontaneity! I know another guy who tried this and I really liked the results: