Friday, February 5, 2010

Second Arms and Ether of Fabulous February

The Man of Science is here. See, he's talking about space as evidenced by this wonderful illustration of a ringed planet; it's green too! But hey, by the final panel he's wearing overalls. What gives? Slink over to today's economy-grade Arms and Ether to find out.

Dullards' side note:
I actually began the day with an entirely different strip and ran into drawing disaster, perspective peril, proportion pile-up, etc. Instead of trying to fight through the pain, I said, "f*#k it" and started with plan B. "Lower your standards," said William Stafford. And I say, "Aye aye, Cap'n. Aye aye."

So here's the work log:
8:25 - 8:48 Rough in first strip, then take a break
8:57 - 9:25 Start 2nd pass. Uh oh. This isn't going well. Go read the paper for an hour.
10:21 - 12:00 Start a new strip and finish it. Much better.

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