Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Daily Dinosaur Heads

 Gods. If you have ever felt the heart-rending truth that you will never see a living dinosaur, if you have ever fantasized about chucking it all to live in a natural history museum reading and doing studies of skeletons, or just wandering the desert looking for fossils, track this DVD down now: Dinosaur Drawing: Anatomy and Sketching. It almost brought tears to my eyes. Part of the Gnomon Workshop series, taught by the epically awesome David Krentz. Lovely stuff.


Lucas said...

this is great! what a wonderful topic for a training kit.

Jill said...

Oh man, Triceratops used to be my specialty... I remember when I realized that people actually got paid to draw dinosaurs - almost as excited as when I realized that making cartoons was actually a job. Wish the digital download was a bit cheaper though! But it looks... so... awesome... eeeeeeeh

Ian said...

I too feel the pain of living out of the dinosaur age. Jesse, Ezra, and me all went to the dinosaur exhibit at the Oregon zoo about a week past. It was awful knowing I will never ride a Giganotosaurus. Mike said last tuesday that the blue whale is actually larger and more impressive. Mike, you're an idiot.