Thursday, June 10, 2010

Polygon Girlfriend - Part Two

First stab at the head and did some more work on the arms. I need to do some refinement on the back and feet as well as more on the hands. If you compare yesterday's image, somehow her butt became Sponge Bob muscly. It's called the Smooth Brush, Miles. Look into it. Okay, I will. Tomorrow.
 Here's a close up of the face. The lips need smoothing and more form. Duh. I haven't worked much with super fine detail in ZBrush, so I'll do that tomorrow too. But first. . . the Drink and Draw!


Goreface said...

That thing's looking like a finely cut bronze sculpture!

How many polygons is it up to? And does Zbrush let you step up/down levels of detail/polycount like Mudbox?

Miles Inada said...

I have no idea how many polys, but I think it's at 6 or 7 subdivs. And yes, you can step up and down--thank the gods.