Sunday, February 22, 2009

Back in the Day

Lordy. Getting a bit behind in life these days. Got an email out of the blue with a drawing of mine I haven't seen in 16-19 years. Wild. It's a drawing of my pal, Nick Oredson. Got to get the Arms and Ether for tomorrow goin'. Man. Also, got to finish screening animation for Ashland International Film Festival juryin'. Blah blah blagh.

On the up side, had a great time playing basketball with the fellas and then goofing around with Sam. We worked on Buddy Holly by Weezer, shot hoops at Walker School, then watched some George Gervin and Pistol Pete Marovich on YouTube. This evening the family got together to chill with 97 year-old Grandma out at the folks'. Fun stuff.


Evan said...

Love the post-lapsarian man!

Reagan said...

fantastic to see you both again... You in your french pirate mime get up and Nick in his cop on the beat era - I miss the twinkle in your voice and the sanity in yer step, man.

Hey, motherfucker! Did you hear? Dunc got hitched last week to the most beautiful-nosed gal since Julie and Ty is the bulls-eye on the back page of the most recent issue of Entertainment Weekly.

Go team!