Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ramblin' Homme

Hmmm, I feel like everything is falling apart, though I suppose it was never solid to begin with.
The weather is breaking. The sun is coming through. The wind is blowing. That's good. That's something we can start with. It's a beginning.

I leave you with some precious wisdom I've passed on to my students lately.


Looks like I'm the teacher of the year. Keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming bio-pic starring Paul Giamatti in the starring role (with Laura Linney as quietly supportive Julie!). Tears are shed (in empathy! in joy! in loss!), lives are changed, but most of all, spirits are up-fuckin'-lifted.


Christy Raedeke said...

Is this the poster for the biopic? I love it.

Laura Linney as Julie: genius.

Andrew Farris said...

Last few Arms & Ether(s?) [Plurality of proper nouns is not my cup of tea. Your Pops'll know...] have been a dynamite blast. Good stuff, but begs the question: How many different colored dicks can a man draw in a month? (So far, 4. I count the be-thonged Hakosai Warrior's junk, covered as it is. What a piece of turkish delight...)

When are we gonna do the Drink and Draw? My amount of drawing and drinking is at an all-time low. I must needs some alloy to allay this bullshit (bearshit?) economy.

Call a man - 541 733 5116

Evan said...

Who would you cast for you Lifetime network biopic?