Thursday, February 12, 2009

"A Hustle Here

And a hustle there.
Time traveling at my leisure in an indestructible body is the place where.
I said, "Hey Sucre, Prends a Walk sur Das Wilde Side."

Beholde this olden drawing (2002!!!!!!) made, when as a young, olde-man, I thought I could unlock an "alternate ending" to life by finding the right FAQ/Walkthrough. Ah ha ha ha ha! Oh, man. Whew. Funny stuff. I tell you.

But seriously, you folke. The orderly 4 panel method of Arms et Ether is wont to disintegrate at short notice. The world and the mind are too fluid, too slippery. So @#$% it.

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Evan said...

God that's a great series!