Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christy Raedeke, Young Adult

Writer's are an odd lot. The creepy thing about writing is you can't really see what it's about from a distance. You see the visual arts and you hear music. They make an immediate impact. But writing. . . writing's . . . different. Is this writer the next James Joyce or that freaky guy at the coffee shop who talks to himself? (yeah, yeah, they might be one and the same, but humor me). So, to save you some time shuffling through crappy writers, here's Christy Raedeke--a good writer.

Christy's"YA" book (Young Adult in "the biz") is being published by Flux in 2010. It be all titled, Prophecy of Days, and it's chock-full of Mayans, super intelligent monkeys, and, well a freaking PROPHECY OF DAYS. What else do you need? In the meantime, check out her blog--Juvenescence. Hilarious stuff about working at Victoria's Secret in the 80's, keyword profiling, internet stalking, cenotes and the like. Anyone who uses "stygian darkness" in a blog heading ought well to have you from hello.

p.s. the above image is Christy as an actual Young Adult (alongside That Special Someone)

p.p.s. I was at this same prom with my wife -to-be. She dumped me that night (Prom sucks, people).

p.p.p.s. Christy posted this prom image on her blog. She's also got pygmy tarsiers on there. Go check it out.


Christy Raedeke said...

Wow, thanks M'inada. For the kind words, that is. Not for the 1984 Prom Trauma Redux. Let me just say that one of us cried and ran screaming from the Jacksonville Cemetery and it was pas moi. No, I was left holding the airplane-size Kahlua, dye-to-match pumps sinking into the mud...

Davis Wakefield said...

Hey Minada! I think you have your own prom picture to post so why don't you post that - cry cry cry and whinge all you want about the prom, you got the girl in the end.

And Raedeke, I saved us all that night from either a horrible Jason-like slashing in the graveyard or death by Zombies, one or the other, I'm not sure. And you forgot to mention your broken dress strap.

Rita said...

Sigh. I hear about people's "embarrassing" prom pictures, and I get all excited to see, and they're all, like, gorgeous.

Curse you all.