Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Terry Longshore, folks

If I ever start getting cynical about ye olde Higher Ed, I shamble over to the Music Department and get a load of what they're up to. Musicians are hard-core in their commitment to their calling, and there's just no place to hide when you're shakin' it up on stage. I like that. I wish we visual artists had more of that immediacy to keep us honest. So check out S.O.U. Percussion Professor Terry Longshore's site and get inspired. I'm looking forward to collaborating with Terry on an (as yet unnamed) animation project. Stay tuned for the mesmerizing details.

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Terry Longshore said...

yo miles - thanks for the shout out! funny what you say, because i do the same thing - amble on over to the art dept. and check out the latest painting, sculpture, etc. the students are always doing such cool work.

keep it up and i look forward to that collab! - T