Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm Not Waiting on a Lady

I'm just waiting on Le Cintiq. Now, perhaps, I will bee able to draw en zee French Style like zee Arsene Wenger, non? Cintiq. For the love of god, what is going on with that name? Wacom, y'all are a Japanese company; let's see you represent! How about the Obake 6000 or something? And damn, if that Arsene Wenger isn't one stylish cat. Wow, the Cintiq just arrived as I'm typing this. Okay, if I can find the digital camera, maybe I'll do one of those goofy step by step reviews. Probably not though, I'm way to busy/lazy. Busazy? Yeah, busazy. Arsenal held off Wigan too. The booing Eboue thing was really weird though.

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