Friday, December 26, 2008

I Use Flash for Drawing (but apparently am in a l'il minority)

Yes, I use Flash for drawing still images--specifically, I'm using it to do the Arms and Ether comic. Apparently few others use Flash in this way, because Adobe's support for using Flash as a still-image illustration tool is pretty dang close to zero. This is sad because Flash is a splendid illustration/drawing tool in spite of itself, and it could have Ayurvedic healing properties if Adobe started to pay it some proper mind. There's nothing like it that I've seen for free-hand vector drawing. Here's a wish-list of features that Adobe will never add because I will never tell them, and even if I did, they wouldn't listen to me anyway.

1. Export layered .fla files to layered .psd files (with transparency!)
2. Thumbnail previews of .fla files in freaking Adobe Bridge. Maybe CS4 will do this? (har har)
3. Better support for high-res .png export. Flash tends to freak out when I export a complex hi-res file. I usually have to export pieces of it into Illustrator and reassemble it there.
4. A personal service robot that would leap out of the screen and cater to all of my physical and emotional needs.

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