Thursday, March 6, 2008

Farewell, Dungeon Masters. . .

Argh. Early adolescence took two to the chest this year with the recent deaths of Steve Gerber and Gary Gygax. Gerber created Howard the Duck (the comic book, not that @#$ing worthless piece of @!#$@ movie), and Gygax, as every WoW player should have emblazoned on his elite mount, was one of the founding fathers of Dungeons and Dragons. Hommage 21st century! Hommage!

@#$%, just found out that Dave Sutherland died in 2005. His D&D Basic Set cover, not to mention his Monster Manual, Player's Handbook, and Dungeon Master's Guide work launched so many thousands of ships.

#$%^ing mortality. . . Goddamnit, don't take Tom Wham too!

The 70's and 80's were not kind. These guys did it for love--Peace be with you, spiritual fathers.

p.s. Transmutation and uplift! Just came across a really cool-looking site called WE'RE ROLLIN' THEY'RE HATIN'. Kind of gives me hope for the future. . . In their own words:

We're Rollin',They're Hatin', is a large-scale contemporary art show that examines the role of Dungeons and Dragons, Escapism and Fantasy in contemporary art and culture. The exhibition is an art show and interactive platform to explore how artists are influenced by fantasy and roll playing


Anonymous said...

Once I wrote this on the blackboard:
JRR Tolkien + D&D + Star Trek = roots of virtual reality as we know it. I think all three of them lived long and prospered because they created internally consistent virtual worlds. Now that I think of it, I guess you could add comics to that, the kind I bought at "Duckworld," after entering beneath the sign featuring Howard.

Jill said...

I saw this poster up at the coffee shop below my work:
Rolling in his Grave.

By the way, hi Miles!