Friday, March 21, 2008


I'm writing Pong, and goddamnit, I'm exhilarated. 

As I mentioned, Scott Raedeke gave me some secret teachings on Flash programming and hipped me to the ol' Beginning Flash Game Programming for Dummies book by Andy Harris. It's a very good book. Props to you, Christian Andy. 

Anyhow, I'm slowly coming to understand the following very very complicated equation.

games = animation. . . but. . . controlled by computer code.

This creates an experience different from traditional animation for both the viewer and the animator. No duh. But this is the kind of thing that educational institutions are slow to understand. Partly because people like me who work for them are slow to understand the obvious.

Maybe more on the exhilaration later. Maybe not. You never know with me.

Oh, yeah. Reading a "for Dummies" book made me have a long dream about meeting John Muir the guy who wrote the original How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive for the Compleat Idiot book. 

Now that I've mentioned one of my dreams in a blog I assume that means I'm going to hell. Andrew's dream is much better.

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Anonymous said...

Gee, All I dreamt about last night was a park a block from my childhood home, a park that was also the largest gay cruising area between St. Louis and Kansas City. As someone whose first car was a Volkswagon Golf, and dutifully highlighted most of How to Keep Your Rabbit Alive, I think your dream was a lot more interesting.