Monday, March 24, 2008

Good Times

If you're feeling down, overly cynical, or just plain hopeless about the cruel and arbitrary machinations of an indifferent universe, be sure to pick up Thomas Hardy's uproarious Jude the Obscure. If reading isn't your "thing" then check out the zany movie adaptation ("Jude") with Kate Winslet (Titanic!) and Christopher Eccleston (t.v.'s Dr. Who!). It's a screwball romantic comedy adaptation directed by Michael Winterbottom (Welcome to Sarajevo! When Harry Met Sally!)

Here's the Wikipedia summary of the hijinx!
"The novel has an elaborately structured plot, in which subtle details and accidents lead to the characters' ruin. It also develops many different themes. These include how human loneliness and sexuality can stop a person from trying to fulfill his dreams, how, when free from the trap of marriage, one's dreams will not be fulfilled, how the educated classes are often more like sophists than intellectuals, how living a libertine life full of integrity and passion will be condemned as scandalous in traditional society, and how religion is nothing but a mistaken sense that the tragedies that wear down an individual are the result of having sinned against a higher being."

Stop me before I bust a gut!

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