Friday, March 28, 2008


Click on the image at left to play my first Flash game. It's retro and kind of difficult. Try to break 500.

Consider it an ode to the Atari 2600, the obscure Roosevelt Franklin from Sesame Street, his grandson "Franklin" from Arrested Development, and Vladimir Tatlin, Russian Constructivist. Actually, it's just a crappy third-rate beginner's video game, but I do like to prattle on.

I'll post the code and fla file later.


Jennifer Harlow said...

880 before a bunch of them ganged up on me at top speed. That's really fun and poses a real problem to how much work I get done on my film. Great job! Will have to play this again later today--it's highly addictive.

Jill said...

Woah, what a coincidence - I ALSO finished my first Flash game today. Only it was a boring drag and drop matching game for a veterinary website. No tanks or shooting or anything! God damn!

Oh and also, I would have replied to your email only now I feel like I should make an illustration section on my website and that I shouldn't write you back until I get it done. It's like some rule I made up in my head. Anyway.

Anonymous said...

Roosevelt Franklin's BAAAAAAH, Elementary School. He rocked. We had a 45 record with the "My Name is Roosevelt Franklin" song.
Already sang my praises of Tanklin on me own