Monday, March 3, 2008

Glenn Hughes Society

In our 1988 college yearbook, I claimed to be a 4-year member of the Glenn Hughes Society. Here's a picture of Glenn Hughes, the leather enthusiast of the Village People, who unfortunately, died in 2001. The man brought it. What else can you say?

In 1988, I bore no resemblance to Wooly Willy; now, I'm pretty much a dead-ringer (see graphic provided in previous post). Oddly enough, I found this rather Glenn Hughes-like manifestation of Willy whilst performing a search on the "world-wide-web." Would to God that all the Lord's people were Prophets.

Spent 'bout 3 hours diddling with the web site today, so good on me. Kind of lost momentum for a bit there, but back in the saddle. Even got the DMF tests graded. Huzzah.

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