Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Bad Dude

R.I.P. Shigeo Fukuda, who designed the above poster. That's how you do it. Damn, brother, props to you. And Victory! That image is going straight into the Arms and Ether source file--and the tattoo file as well.

Just got done watching the inaugural which was surreal. Sam and I stayed home from school to check it out. Yes inspiring and all, but I wanted more. I wanted to hear that fatuous PA announcer saying, "And now, to depict in song the twisted complexities facing our great nation, is R Kelly, singing "Trapped In The Closet." Cue reaction shots and close ups, etc. Other notes:

1. I liked the awkward moments, Obama and Roberts cocking up the oath. Michelle Obama looking kind of ticked off for some reason. The gnarly Dick Cheney being wheeled around was pretty cool too.

2. Brokaw, please! Mistaking Michelle's brother, Craig Robinson, for Obama's assistant, Reggie Love, and then, claiming that Craig was sporting a Princeton scarf. Craig is coaching the orange and black Oregon State Beavers, dude. Give us timber-fed hicks some love.

3. The Obama girls were the cutest damn things. I felt like a total media sucker. Awwww, etc. But what can you do? My heart is not made of steel!

4. Also, I cannot resist that damn Simple Gifts hymn. @#$%in' Shakers. And Yo-Yo Ma, that was some majestic joy of music shiz you broke out on us, brother. They could have been playing that at a tractor pull and I'm wiping away the tears.

I am indeed, a political animal

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yoshimonster said...

i can't believe i was up for it but i was...i guess cuz its sooo big! but funny noticed the oath thing too. i was like dude he can't remember the whole paragraph let him jus say that part already! haha and i think his daughters are the cutes daughters so far...not to be mean, but Chelsea Clinton...the Bush sister...hmmm yea No!