Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Everybody Digs Bill Evans

And I'm everybody. You should be too. Also, here's a nice article on Evans' playing by Chuck Israels (who's playing bass in the video). I enjoyed checking out Israel's site. I was pleased to see he was not only alive but looking damn good having survived the meat grinder of the 50's - 70's music world--unlike Evans. Tears. As a teacher, I enjoyed reading Israel's "Unpopular Perspective On Jazz Education" article. Israels makes a point of asking students who their favorite musician is. He then goes on to say it's far better to have a lousy answer to this question (such as Kenny G) than none at all. The lousy answer will provide a conduit to further development. Amen. I'm shocked at how insensitive teachers can be to this idea. Liking something, anything, shows you have some passion and connection with what you're studying. Behind any decent artist is some goofy lined paper drawing of Howard the Duck he did in 9th grade. So fess up, and start liking stuff.

Okay, time to listen to more Bill Evans and the rest of those brilliant, humbling dudes.

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