Sunday, January 18, 2009

Latest Arms and Ether is up!

Ta-rah. Getting ideas together for site redesign too. As usual, I'd appreciate any feedback on Arms and Ether you may care to give. Sam's 9th birthday party is tomorrow--yay! Otherwise, phew, I'm a little tired. Oh, and the webhosting is setting me back $5.88 a month or $70.00/year. Seems like a decent enough deal. I still haven't moved the site over yet, however.

1 comment:

Andrew Farris said...


Φ Run more white space in between title of comic and the border

Φ Center the strip

Φ Be rid of gray background

Also: What would your first reaction be if I said that I was going to have the Ungentleman fight an evil communist ape known as Viet Kong, Guerrilla Warrior? Is it too soon?