Monday, January 12, 2009

New Arms & Ether!

There's a new Arms and Ether strip out today. My god, that makes a grand total of two strips. . . and they're linked together (gasp!). Check it out here: Tell your friends. Also, I'd appreciate ANY feedback folks have on the early stages of the design of the site, things you'd like to see, busted links, etc. As I said, I'm aiming for a "hard" launch by Feb 1. Though. . . I may be reconsidering that date. I think I might just CTFO and get some momentum going with the strips--focus on the actual creative process for a while and find that groove.

Also, click the image to take an idiotic stroll past the French Folke factory. It was a class demo, okay? So don't get so huffy.

Finally thanks to the 8Bit Ghost for his web help. If you haven't been by lately, he's got Hugo, Big Jim and a post about his wonderful/horrible "dotcom-mobile."

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